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Electric Portable Juicer Cup

Electric Portable Juicer Cup

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Launching the Electric Portable Juicer Cup – a convenient and versatile appliance designed to provide on-the-go access to fresh and nutritious beverages.

Crafted for simplicity and portability, this electric juicer cup features a compact design with a built-in blending mechanism. The portable nature allows you to prepare and enjoy your favorite smoothies or juices anytime and anywhere, making it ideal for busy lifestyles or travel. Designed for versatility, the Electric Portable Juicer Cup is equipped with a rechargeable battery or USB charging capability, eliminating the need for power outlets during use. The blending mechanism efficiently processes fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients to create delicious and healthy drinks.


1. ULTRA SMART SAFETY PROTECTION: Our confidence in safety comes from the dual protection system and material. It is featuring intelligent, power-off protection, and overload protection.
2. BLENDING WHEREVER AND WHENEVER: This portable blender with a rechargeable USB goes beyond just smoothies and shakes.
3. EASE OF USE AND MAINTENANCE: Smoothie blender has a 20% larger caliber, making it easier to feed ingredients. All you have to do to operate this milkshake maker is double-press the start button.

Product information:
Power: 150w
Color: New portable juicer cup [grass green], new portable juicer cup [light purple], new portable juicer cup [fresh orange]]
Material of liner: Borosilicate glass
Function: Juicing
Voltage: ≤ 36v
Capacity: 601ml (inclusive)-800ml (inclusive)
Charging method: USB

Packing list:
Juicer *1+usb cable *1

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