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Onion Holder Slicer Vegetable tools

Onion Holder Slicer Vegetable tools

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Bringing in the Onion Holder Slicer Vegetable Tool – a practical and efficient kitchen gadget designed to simplify the process of slicing onions and various other vegetables with ease and precision.

Crafted for convenience and functionality, this tool features a holder with prongs that securely grip the onion, ensuring stability during slicing. The attached slicing mechanism allows you to create uniform slices effortlessly, saving time and reducing the risk of accidental cuts. Designed for versatility, the Onion Holder Slicer Vegetable Tool include an adjustable slicing thickness setting, allowing you to customize the thickness of your onion slices. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, enhancing safety and ease of use.


- Material: Stainless Steel + ABS
- Color: stainless steel
- Dimension (Onion Holder): 5.25"(L)*2.5"(W)*0.66"(H)
- Product Weight: 3 ounces(88g)


1 X Onion Holder
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