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Thermostat Cup Wireless Heating Tea Coffee Cup

Thermostat Cup Wireless Heating Tea Coffee Cup

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Bringing in the Thermostat Cup – a Wireless Heating Tea Coffee Cup that brings convenience and warmth to your daily beverage experience.

Crafted for modern living, this innovative cup features wireless heating technology that allows you to keep your tea or coffee at the perfect temperature without the need for cords or plugs. The thermostat cup ensures that your drink stays warm for an extended period, providing a delightful and enjoyable sipping experience. Designed for versatility, the Thermostat Cup include user-friendly controls, allowing you to customize the temperature to your liking. The wireless feature makes it easy to carry the cup around the house or office, ensuring your drink stays warm wherever you go.


Color: Black (Bk), White (Wh)

Capacity: 360ml

Material: Stainless Steel

Waterproof rating: IPX7
Model: 53 pro
Product capacity: 360ml
Built-in battery: 2 500mAh
Product size: 89*1 17*1 24mm

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