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Strong Magnetic Glass Wiper Cleaning Tool

Strong Magnetic Glass Wiper Cleaning Tool

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Meet the Strong Magnetic Glass Wiper Cleaning Tool – a powerful and efficient solution designed to simplify the cleaning of glass surfaces with ease.

Crafted for strength and functionality, this glass wiper features a strong magnetic design with two parts that sandwich the glass, allowing you to clean both sides simultaneously. The magnetic force ensures that the cleaning tool stays securely attached to the glass surface, providing stability and efficiency. Designed for versatility, the Strong Magnetic Glass Wiper Cleaning Tool include features such as a rotating or swiveling mechanism that allows you to maneuver the wiper for thorough cleaning. The durable materials and strong magnets make it suitable for cleaning various glass surfaces, including windows, glass doors, or shower screens.


Material: fine fiber, ABS, magnet
Type: Double-sided wipe
Suitable vehicle types: windows, lounges, offices, cars
Specifications:  blue- suitable for 3-8mm single-layer glass, green-  suitable for 5-12mm single-layer thickened glass、 Red - suitable for 15-24mm double insulating glass

Weight: blue 0.6kg,  green  0.45kg

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