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Wall Mounted Heater

Wall Mounted Heater

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Putting forward the Wall Mounted Heater – a sleek and efficient heating solution designed to provide warmth while saving space in your home.

Crafted for functionality and convenience, this wall-mounted heater features a compact and slim design that can be installed on a wall to maximize floor space. The heating element efficiently warms the room, offering a practical solution for adding comfort to smaller spaces. Designed for versatility, the Wall Mounted Heater include features such as adjustable temperature settings, programmable timers, and remote control for convenient operation. The modern and unobtrusive design makes it suitable for various rooms, from bedrooms to living spaces.

Material: plastic
Rated power: 800W
Switch type: touch type
Noise: 61-70dB
Color box size: 13 * 11 * 14.7cm

Packing list:
Heater * 1

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