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Mini Multi-function Rice Cooker

Mini Multi-function Rice Cooker

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Launching the Mini Multi-function Rice Cooker – a compact and versatile kitchen appliance designed to streamline your rice cooking process and offer additional cooking functionalities in a small package.

Crafted for convenience and functionality, this mini rice cooker features a compact size with multi-functional capabilities. In addition to cooking rice, it settings for steaming, simmering, or even preparing soups and stews. The compact design makes it suitable for small kitchens, dorm rooms, or individuals with limited space. Designed for versatility, the Mini Multi-function Rice Cooker often comes with easy-to-use controls, allowing you to customize cooking settings based on your preferences.

Name: Multi-functional rice cooker
Capacity :1.8L
Liner material: food grade non-stick liner
Rated power :350W
Style choice: Smart model
Voltage frequency :220V~50Hz
Size :18x16cm

Packing list:
Electric hot pot + steamer X1PCS


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