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Electric Iron Garment Steamer

Electric Iron Garment Steamer

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Bringing forward the Electric Garment Steamer – a versatile and efficient appliance designed to refresh and de-wrinkle your clothing with ease.

Crafted for convenience and effectiveness, this electric garment steamer features a water reservoir and a heating element that produces steam to relax and smooth out wrinkles in fabric. The handheld design and maneuverable steam head allow you to easily treat various types of clothing, including delicate fabrics and intricate details. Designed for versatility, the Electric Garment Steamer is equipped with adjustable steam settings to accommodate different fabrics and clothing items. The portable and compact design makes it a practical solution for both home use and travel.

Power type: AC
Color: national standard 220V, European standard 220V, American Standard 110V
Rated Power: 30W
Gear adjustment: on-off single gear
Pad material: titanium plate
Operation mode: Mechanical
Rated Voltage: 220V
Temperature level: on-off single gear
Material: PC
Water tank capacity: 60ML

Packing list:
Garment Steamer *1 Measuring Cup*1

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